About Me

If we are meeting for the first time, then, hi, I am Dibakar Dutta!

Despite a stellar academic background in science, I found my true calling in journalism. Fascinated by Indian politics, I am currently working as a sub-editor with Opindia for the past 3 years.

My key areas of expertise include – debunking fake news, decluttering complex political issues, providing alternate political perspectives, building narratives (based on facts) and calling out religious extremism without a shred of political correctness.

You can read my detailed political threads on Twitter (@dibakardutta_) or scroll through my oversimplified political explainers on Instagram (@dibakardutta_).

I am currently working on my first book ‘A Testimony for the Future: What I saw in the Modi era’ and plan to pursue a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

My Certifications in Journalism: